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Everyone appreciates air conditioning on a hot summer day. It’s usually a good idea to keep your vehicle nice and cool before ever entering it, because the steering wheel can be too hot to touch or the seat might be too hot to sit on. Your aircon condenser is responsible for keeping your vehicle cool. The condenser looks and functions similarly to your radiator. Your condenser is always in front of the radiator. After passing through the engine, coolant reaches your radiator to provide heat. You have refrigerant gas in your condenser that enters the condenser to release the heat it has absorbed. The distinction between your radiator and condenser is that while coolant is a liquid, the condenser requires Freon gas to move around the inside of your vehicle. When vapor enters the AC condenser, it condenses into a liquid as it cools, which is why it is called a condenser. To modify Freon temperatures, the AC condenser uses moving air while driving or an air blowing fan employed by the radiator. During the warmer months, it is always a good idea to inspect your AC condenser for any leaks so that you have it when you need it.


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Aftermarket Condensers
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When To Replace Your Condenser

The AC condenser converts hot air from within the vehicle into cool air. It converts high-pressure gas into a liquid. The liquid is then pushed back into the car to absorb heat. It is always a good idea to repair your AC condenser every now and then because it is placed in front of your vehicle and can be damaged by dirt, debris, and other objects. These are some indicators that you need a new AC condenser. If your AC condenser is blowing hot air, it should be inspected. If there is any physical damage to your AC Condenser. If you see any rust, you should repair your AC condenser. You should also examine your hoses for any leaks.


    • • Acura Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Audi  Aftermarket Condenser

    • • BMW Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Buick Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Cadillac Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Chevrolet Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Chrysler Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Dodge Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Fiat Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Ford Aftermarket Condenser

    • • General Motors Aftermarket Condenser

    • • GMC Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Honda Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Hyundai Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Infiniti Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Jaguar Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Jeep Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Kia Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Land Rover Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Lexus Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Mazda Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Mercedes-Benz Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Mini Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Mitsubishi Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Nissan Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Porsche Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Ram Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Saab Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Subaru Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Suzuki Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Tata Motors Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Tesla Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Toyota Aftermarket Condenser

    • • Volkswagen Aftermarket Condenser

    • Volvo Aftermarket Condenser

Quality Automotive Parts has been supplying aftermarket AC condensers to Michigan customers for many years. Quality Automotive Parts is trusted by Michigan locals for high-quality condensers at low costs. AC condensers, like any other component in your car, are critical. This is why Quality Automotive Parts is always available to our Michigan customers for the purchase of aftermarket AC condensers. Give us a call immediately if you have any queries about your AC condensers.

Condenser Information

As part of the temperature control (or air conditioning) system, the condenser is situated in the front of the car between the radiator and the front grille. The condenser, like a radiator, employs the qualities of the moving vehicle’s airflow to cool the coolant, which serves to lower the temperature of the passenger compartment.

Condensers are nitrogen leak-tested to guarantee that they are leak- and damage-free. Fins with a high density for best cooling efficiency
Heavy gauge mounting brackets are used to reduce movement and vibration. Precision mounting holes and brackets are used to ensure ease of installation. There is also a condenser with a welded receiver-drier available.


Decreased cooling
Coolant leaking
Deposits in the cooling fluid
Coolant level reduction is one of the most common causes of failure.

Collision Condenser

Condensers are frequently engaged in collisions as a front-end component. Even if the original collision does not damage the item, smaller leaks in the cooling system may be discovered later, necessitating radiator replacement.

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