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Finding aftermarket Dodge auto body parts of the highest caliber can be very challenging. In our regional warehouses located all around the metro Detroit area, Quality Automotive Parts has over 50,000 aftermarket Dodge vehicle body parts. One of the largest aftermarket Dodgeauto body parts inventories in the nation is what we provide. We stock every Dodge aftermarket auto body item. We most likely found the part you were looking for.

Did you know that old Dodge parts were used in Ford vehicles? It may sound absurd, yet it is true. It’s because the two brothers who founded Dodge, John and Horace, are extremely intelligent engineers who produced engines and related parts for the Ford Motor Company. The Dodge brothers released their first car, which they termed the Model 30, shortly after 1914. The four-cylinder engine was one of the first vehicles to have a significant impact on the auto industry. After thereafter, Dodge automobiles always maintained their dominance in the sector.

Since Dodge and the Chrysler Corporation have been acquired by Fiat, the brand will always be recognized as being American. Because of the vehicles it branded and made Americans love, its appeal will endure. Durability and distinctive designs of Dodge automobiles leave rivals unsure of their next move. The comfort is one of the most crucial factors. If you own a Dodge, you’ll understand what I’m saying. Even though some of their models can be used for work, Dodge is renowned for being luxurious; you can always rely on Dodge to make you feel quite comfortable in their vehicles.

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We Carry Aftermarket Auto Body Parts For

Dodge Nitro
Dodge Ram Wagon
Dodge Sprinter
Dodge Ram Rumble Bee
Dodge Avenger
Dodge Caravan a
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Charger
Dodge Dart
Dodge Journey
Dodge Viper
Dodge Ram
Dodge Durango
Dodge SRT
Aftermarket Auto body parts

We Carry

Aftermarket Dodge Mirrors
Aftermarket Dodge Door Handles
Aftermarket Dodge Windshields
Aftermarket Dodge Grilles
Aftermarket Dodge Hoods
Aftermarket Dodge Fenders
Aftermarket Dodge Headlights
Aftermarket Dodge Taillights
Aftermarket Dodge Condensers
Aftermarket Dodge Radiators
Aftermarket Dodge Reinforcement Bars
Aftermarket Dodge Absorbers
Aftermarket Dodge Fan Shrouds
Aftermarket Dodge Upper Tie Bars
Aftermarket Dodge Radiator Support
Aftermarket Dodge Headlight Mounting Panels
Aftermarket Dodge Hood Hinges
Aftermarket Dodge Windshield Washer Bottle
Aftermarket Dodge Fog Lamp
Aftermarket Dodge License Plate Bracket
Aftermarket Dodge Bumper Mounting Bracket
Aftermarket Dodge Front Lower Valance
Aftermarket Dodge Undercar Shield
Aftermarket Dodge Engine Under Cover
Aftermarket Dodge Marker Lights
Aftermarket Dodge Reflectors
Aftermarket Dodge Signal Lamps
Aftermarket Dodge Grille Mounting Panel
Aftermarket Dodge Upper, Center & Lower Grille Moldings
Aftermarket Dodge Radiator Fan Assembly
Aftermarket Dodge Fender Liners
Aftermarket Dodge Wheels
Aftermarket Dodge Window Regulators
Aftermarket Dodge Rocker Panels
Aftermarket Dodge Door Handles
Aftermarket Dodge Radiators

When Dodge Was Founded

Horace Elgin Dodge and John Francis Dodge established Dodge in the early 1900s. They started a business they named Dodge Brothers Company. Later, in 1915, Dodge stopped being a supplier to Ford and started producing fully assembled cars. The Dodge Brothers were fascinated by creating the popular cars that Americans adored, and they had a fantasy. One of the reasons Michigan is regarded as the Motor City is because Dodge was made here in Hamtramck, Michigan. In 1928, Dodge acquired their business and sold it to Chrysler. Dodge is a renowned automaker that Americans have come to adore today.
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