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Quality Automotive Parts Ferndale Michigan is a wholesale dealer of aftermarket auto body parts for all vehicle years, makes, and models. We started distributing aftermarket auto body parts to collision shops and dealerships in Ferndale. Then it was brought to our attention that Ferndale people were not saving enough money. We began selling aftermarket auto body parts to Ferndale locals for this reason. Residents of Ferndale were purchasing aftermarket auto body parts and bringing them to their Ferndale collision shops or Ferndale dealerships to be painted and installed. Some Ferndale collision repair companies and dealerships did not want Ferndale citizens to buy the aftermarket auto body part. The reason for this was that the Ferndale inhabitants took advantage of the possibility for these Ferndale businesses to charge them three, four, or even five times the cost of what they were purchasing. Therefore, they informed them that the work performed on their vehicle would not be warrantied. DO NOT LET THAT DOWN YOU! We offer a list of preferred shops that are eager to provide warranties for your aftermarket auto body items. Take the receipt and the part to the collision shop or dealership in Ferndale that we recommend, and they will handle the rest. We can also provide an estimate over the phone for the cost of painting and installing that part. If there are inner defects behind the panel you are replacing, some estimates may not be true, but you will still save money. Simply input your VIN number and we will be able to provide you with a quote for having your vehicle painted and installed with a lifetime warranty. You will be astonished by how many Ferndale locals have utilized our service and saved a fortune to spend on other activities. Quality Automotive Parts is a Michigan-based business. We intend to give superior service to our Ferndale customers. Michigan already has the highest insurance premiums in the country, and if you’re a Michigander, you know that our roads only make matters worse. This is why we want to give back to the Ferndalecommunity by providing them with inexpensive, high-quality aftermarket car body parts. It is time to begin saving money with your automobile. Call us and we will help you save money.

When Working With Quality Automotive Parts

One Of The Leading Top Aftermarket Auto Body Part Provider

High Quality Aftermarket Auto Body Parts Ferndale Michigan

Quality Automotive Parts Ferndale Michigancarries only aftermarket vehicle body parts of the greatest quality. We are here to offer the most economical aftermarket vehicle body parts of the highest quality to Ferndale residents. Many auto body shops and dealerships in Ferndale overcharge for aftermarket auto body parts. The time has come for Ferndale collision shops and dealerships to offer the same aftermarket car body part at a reduced cost.

Preferred Aftermarket Auto Body Parts Ferndale Michigan

Our Ferndale residents frequently inquire or wonder if they can bring their own part to a Ferndale body shop or dealership. The response is YES! Even while the collision shop or dealership in Ferndale may claim, “Yes, you can bring your own auto body partsand we will only charge you for paint and installation,” they may also try to force you not to bring your own aftermarket auto body parts by stating that they will not warranty the job. Now let’s go back a bit; if these Ferndale collision businesses or dealerships tell you this, then you should not bring your vehicle to them. Once you leave your vehicle there, they will contact us or our sister firms to purchase the exact aftermarket auto body item you were planning to purchase from us at a discount. Quality Automotive PartsFerndale Michigan uses the nation’s finest aftermarket auto body components. This is why residents of Ferndale will have no issues with our aftermarket auto body components. Collision repair companies and dealerships in Ferndale will tell you to let them acquire the aftermarket auto body item so they can charge you three, four, or even five times more. Now that we have a solution for the citizens of Ferndale, they won’t believe how much money they can save. A PREFERRED AUTO BODY SHOP is located in Ferndale. This store will paint and install your aftermarket auto body part and provide a lifetime warranty on the paint and installation. We are here to show the inhabitants of Ferndale how to save money on all auto body repairs. Allow us to help you save an additional $250 to $1,000 on vehicle body repairs.

Quality Automotive Parts Ferndale Michigan

Before leaving the warehouse, every aftermarket vehicle body item ordered by our Ferndale clients is thoroughly inspected. We do not wish to inconvenience our customers in Metro Detroit, Michigan. We recognize the significance of your aftermarket auto body part to our Ferndale clients. Once the aftermarket car body part for our Ferndale customer has arrived at your door, it will be rechecked with the customer. You will certify that the aftermarket vehicle body part is undamaged and sign the document. Our drivers are all trained collision specialists with years of experience in the business who are highly familiar with your vehicle. If they do not know anything, they will gladly investigate it for you so that all of your inquiries are answered and your demands are met. Quality Automotive Parts Ferndale Michigan will ship your replacement auto body part to any location in Ferndale, Michigan. We are here to provide all aftermarket auto body parts to Ferndale customers. We recognize that delays might be inconvenient, but we appreciate the citizens of Ferndale‘s patience if they occur. We would never provide a Ferndale customer with a product that is defective or does not fit their vehicle properly. We will ship you a replacement aftermarket auto body part the next business day if any aftermarket auto body part you ordered arrives at your local collision repair shop or dealership in Ferndale damaged. We appreciate our Ferndale consumers and will not compromise their trust. This is why we go above and above to ensure that all of our Ferndale customers are satisfied.

When Working With Quality Automotive Parts

One Of The Leading Top Aftermarket Auto Body Part Provider

Facts About Ferndale Michigan

Ferndale, Michigan, in Oakland County, lies two miles south of Royal Oak and ten miles northwest of Detroit. Ferndale, which is part of the Detroit metropolitan region, is home to 22,105 people. Ferndale originated as a bedroom neighborhood for Detroit workers during the First World War. First founded as a village in 1918, Ferndale was reincorporated as a city in 1927.

Ferndale and Nearby Places of Interest

The Fox Theater Structure
The Historical Museum of Ferndale
Detroit Zoo Eastern Market

A variety of historic landmarks and museums are located close to Ferndale. The Ferndale Historical Museum is the best spot to come if you want to learn about the local history. The Detroit Zoo and the city’s parks, such as Wilson Park, Roosevelt Park, Wanda Park, and Mapledale Park, are excellent destinations for family vacations. With its shops and stalls, the Eastern Market is another famous tourist destination.

What Customers Are Saying About Quality Automotive Parts Ferndale Michigan

I got a front bumper cover for my 2012 Ford Fusion, and the aftermarket part’s quality was excellent. Quality Automotive PartsFerndale Michigan also directed me to a collision shop in Ferndale for the painting and installation of my front bumper cover. The collision repair business I took it to was excellent. The paint matched exactly, and the installation of the front bumper cover was flawless. I will definitely use them for all of my needs in aftermarket vehicle body parts.” – Lamar; Ferndale, MI

“I was involved in a small auto collision with my 2013 Chevrolet Cruze. I required a headlight and a left fender for my vehicle. When I visited a collision repair company in Ferndale, they charged me $181.00 for a fender that I got from Quality Automotive PartsFerndale Michigan for $70.00. They charged me $220 for the same headlight that Quality Automotive Parts had priced at $130. Using Quality Automotive Parts Ferndale Michigan alone saved me more than $200. I will be using them in the future, and I recommend them to anyone in Ferndale that wants aftermarket auto body parts.” – Derrick; Ferndale, MI

Quality Automotive Parts Ferndale Michigan is an excellent source for aftermarket auto body parts. I purchased and installed for them a right-hand side mirror. This dealership in Ferndale attempted to charge me $180 more than Quality Automotive PartsFerndale Michigan. I advise everyone in Ferndale who is seeking for auto body parts to visit this shop first. They are concerned with helping Ferndale clients save money.” – Chad; Ferndale, Michigan

“I always repair my own vehicle, and I utilize Quality Automotive Parts Ferndale Michigan for all auto body repair needs. I reside in Ferndale and utilize them frequently. They have affordable auto body parts of superior quality. You cannot go wrong by utilizing them. -Lucian; Ferndale, MI

Aftermarket Auto Body Parts We Carry

•Aftermarket Auto Body Mirrors
• Aftermarket Auto Body Headlights
• Aftermarket Auto Body Taillights
• Aftermarket Auto Body Grilles
• Aftermarket Auto Body Hoods
• Aftermarket Auto Body Fenders
• Aftermarket Auto Body Condensers
• Aftermarket Auto Body Radiators
• Aftermarket Auto Body Reinforcement Bars
• Aftermarket Auto Body Absorbers
• Aftermarket Auto Body Fan Shrouds
• Aftermarket Auto Body Upper Tie Bars
• Aftermarket Auto Body Radiator Support
• Aftermarket Auto Body Headlight Mounting Panels
• Aftermarket Auto Body Hood Hinges
• Aftermarket Auto Body Windshield Washer Bottle
• Aftermarket Auto Body Fog Lamp
• Aftermarket Auto Body License Plate Bracket
• Aftermarket Auto Body Bumper Mounting Bracket
• Aftermarket Auto Body Front Lower Valance
• Aftermarket Auto Body Undercar Shield
• Aftermarket Auto Body Engine Under Cover
• Aftermarket Auto Body Marker Lights
• Aftermarket Auto Body Reflectors
• Aftermarket Auto Body Signal Lamps
• Aftermarket Auto Body Grille Mounting Panel
• Aftermarket Auto Body Upper, Center & Lower Grille Moldings
• Aftermarket Auto Body Radiator Fan Assembly
• Aftermarket Auto Body Fender Liners
• Aftermarket Auto Body Wheels
• Aftermarket Auto Body Window Regulators
• Aftermarket Auto Body Rocker Panels
• Aftermarket Auto Body Radiator
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